Whilst all buildings are different, the fundamentals of repair don’t change!

A quick look into our building rectification expertise”



When it comes to building rectification and re-painting, quality is extremely important. From concrete repairs to joint sealing, waterproofing and more, lack of quality can cause serious future damages. Using the correct products and current methodologies are necessary when it comes longevity.

When choosing a commercial building rectification company, it’s best to pre-qualify them with the following:

  1. Have they previously completed similar commercial projects?

  2. Do they value quality, professionalism and safety?

  3. Do they offer Value for Money? (They should demonstrate how their access methods such as abseiling, can work for your budget)

  4. Is their quotation detailed, clear and precise?

  5. Do they off more than painting? Skills such as waterproofing, concrete and rust repair experience matter when it comes to building rectification and commercial coatings.

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Tip - When planning your building repair and re-paint, getting value for money is paramount.

By implementing abseiling methods instead of scaffolding and EWP’s, we can save you tens of thousands!

Large RESidential

When completing a large scale residential project a lot of factors come into play. Usually due to restricted access, some properties may need scaffolding, elevated working platforms or even abseiling.

The project featured below (McCarthy Coatings) was accessed via EWP (front), Abseiling the (sides) due to tight boundary lines and then fixed scaffolding along the waterfront (back).

Building rectification and the methodologies involved is a specialised skillset. We’re looking out for you when we warn against finding a cheap painter on Gumtree.

Paradise Waters


Safety is something that McCarthy Coatings take seriously for not only our staff but the general public. The correct access methods, licenses tickets and up to date emergency procedures should alway be in place. Theres been many work place accidents on high rises buildings over the last decade and its absolute vital you select a company that does everything in their power to reduce the risk of incidents.


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