We’ve made an easy guide to help you nail your colour scheme!

It’s incredible how colour can influence how we feel. It’s one of our most asked colour questions “ What colours are current at the moment? ” That is quite a broad question, so before we give you an answer let’s break it down.

First we look at the architecture followed by the furnishings, size and most importantly the emotions you resonate with… Sounds pretty sexy right?

Lets dive in …

true blue

Who doesn’t love blue? When done correctly adding this sophisticated yet calming colour can bring that WOW factor you’ve been dreaming of. Achieve clarity and productivity with blue as it purifies your thinking, now you can dodge that clutter and get down to business.

Our Taubmans Favourites: LAKE PLACID & BLACK SEA

Feature 1

Creative Luxury

+ Top tip: When using a bold blue, make sure to have plenty of ‘pop’ around. Stark whites work best but don’t be scared to throw in some light pinks or teals for added flavour!

+ Top Tip 2: Lighting is everything when it comes to how your white will show up. If at night your colour isn’t really popping. It might be time to audit the light bulbs - Change to a cool light.. You’ll thank me later!

PREtty in pink

Gentle and reassuring, pink is without a doubt the colour of love. Promoting tenderness and is a comfort in times of emotional transition. It’s also a wonderful starting point for your child’s bedroom but don’t rule out those dusty pinks throughout the rest of the home.

Our Taubmans Favourites: ROSE NUDE & GOURMET MUSHROOM


black is back

Don't shy away from those darker moody colours because they can look seriously AMAZING!

With the correct styling and use of natural light sources, dark shades can really work for your home.  Dark feature walls paired with crisp whites is by far the most stylish and modern look to date.

Our Taubmans Favourites: VIKING GREY AND TRENDY

dark feature wall

going green

So you’re a green lover… Sophisticated, motivated and organised!

Green is a great all-rounder that is well suited for most rooms and works especially well with blues, yellows and whites. Many people associate green with the outdoors bringing peace and tranquility (here is a great example). Not to mention it is the easiest colour for the eyes to focus on - win/win. Throw in some velvet and blacks for a cosy lux feel.

Our Taubmans Favourites: KINGDOM RICHES & GREEK ISLES


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