Gold Coast Painting services

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Concrete Cancer repair

In reinforced concrete the steel is normally protected against corrosion by the passivating alkalinity of the cement matrix and protective coatings. Due to the ingress of aggressive environmental influences over time, the steel can corrode.

We specialise in remedial concrete repairs. We have decades of experience in safe removal and restoration of spalled concrete, rust, corrosion, efflorescence and structural damage.

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Protective coatings

Surface preparation is without a doubt one of the most important factors prior to protective coatings on a building restoration. The include works such as Pressure cleaning, caulking, repairs and priming.

Once these have been complete protective coatings are applied as per specification. Using High UV Protection membranes and Weather resistant coatings, warranties with McCarthy Coatings can be up to 15 years.

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Residential Interior

We can assist in choosing modern colours and finishes. Thorough prep work is essential - All surfaces are patched, sanded, primed and gapped, followed by interior coatings that far exceed the warranty period.

McCarthy Coatings use a dust free sanding system as we are conscious of your health and home. We are proud sponsors of the orangutan project - Painting your home helps us save their home.

RESidential exterior

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4000Psi Pressure washing to thoroughly clean all surfaces, repairs, gap checks, caulking, plastering soffits, roof spraying, timber deck staining and protective coatings.

We promise to respect your property, keep everything clean and most importantly keep you up to date with our progress.



Saying it’s important to upkeep the protective coatings to your tile or colour bond roof is an understatement.

The roof restoration steps taken to tin and tile are similar with the only difference being, roof pointing to tile and then silicone for colourbond. Pressure Cleaning to remove all contaminants and mould. Once these steps have been implemented ensuring leaks and damages are repaired we can apply protective coatings with between 10 - 15 years warranty.


Timber Restoration

Theres lots of things to consider prior to restoring a decking. We ensure the most cost effective route whilst ensuring longevity. Decks really should be stripped with oxalic acid and sanding prior to coatings. We’ll give you the highest UV Protection products to keep it looking great all year round.


Building Rectification

Specialising in structural repairs and rust treatment/removal. Spalled concrete and rusted rio is not only weakening the structure of the building, it’s aesthetically unpleasing.

All of our professional building repairs ensure strength and longevity whilst also visually improving the property.